Youth Mental Health

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Nebraska Department of Education Suicide Prevention Resources for Parents

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Improving Skills for Youth Series

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Coping With the Unique Needs of Children Webinar Series

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Youth Mental Health Data

Youth Mental Health Data Report Video

Youth Mental Health Steering Committee

Mission Statement:  The Four Corners Youth Mental Health Coalition Steering Committee, representing our community and invested in the mental health of youth, strives to prevent suicide and promote mental health of our youth through advocacy for increased services and resources, connections with the health care, education, religious, and mental health fields, and accountability for meeting the youth mental health needs of our community.

Focus of Our Work

Based on the 2022 Assessment (above) and community input:

  • Strengthen access to youth mental health services
  • Continue access to services in the summer
  • Identify needs for staffing and funding
  • Reduce cultural mental health stigma
  • Improve awareness of available services

Current Committee Members:

  • Amy Masek, LMHP, Therapist, David City Public and Aquinas Schools
  • Carrie Gottschalk, LMHP, Engagement Zone Coordinator, Zone 7, Nebraska Extension
  • Darla Winslow, Director, Polk County Health Department
  • Don Belau, Ph.D, School Psychologist
  • Jacob Jennings, Community Affairs Director, Seward County Chamber & Development Corporation
  • Laura Cole, LMHP, Lemke-Michels Psychotherapy and York Public Schools
  • Mallory Gibreal, Director of Service Development, Memorial Health Care Services
  • Matt Dominy, Ed. D, Director of Curriculum & Staff Development, Seward Public Schools
  • Michele Raburn, Ed. D, Director of Student Services, ESU 6
  • Paul Vrbka, York County Sheriff
  • Quinn Lewandowski, MS, Senior Research Specialist, UNL Public Policy Center
  • Raleigh White, Pastor, St Paul Lutheran Church in Osceola
  • Ronelle Jackson, LMHP, ESU 7
  • Sarah Miriovsky, LMHP, David City Public Schools
  • Shannon Hall-Schmeckpeper, Director of Special Services, Seward Public Schools
  • Teri Effle, Prevention Specialist, Region V Systems
  • Theresa Webster, MA, Assistant Campus Director / Dean of Students, Southeast Community College – Milford Campus
  • Tami Clay, Special Education Director, ESU 7
  • Renee Duffek, LIMHP, LADC, Therapist, Four Corners Health Department
  • Evette Watts, Polk County Health Department