Wise Healthcare Consumer Month

Often, we hear about how we should be a wise consumer. Be sure to save money, look for the best deal, use coupons, and other similar tips are not unusual. Have you ever considered how to be a wise health consumer? What does that mean? February is National Wise Healthcare Consumer Month. Keep reading for some tips on how to manage your health more wisely!

  • Shop Around: Don’t be afraid to shop around. Find a doctor that best fits your needs. Be sure it is someone you can trust. Ask your pharmacist about your prescriptions. See what will be the most helpful but also cost effective. Find a health insurance plan that fits your needs the best. Carefully read it anytime the policy renews or changes.
  • Prepare: Take time before your appointments to write down a list of your questions. That way you won’t forget in the moment. You want to give your healthcare providers complete and accurate information about your health so they can best understand you.
  • List: Keep handy a list of your doctors and their contact information. Also, take a list of your current medications. Keep this list up to date and with you at all times. You never know when you may need it.
  • Understand: Be sure you understand what’s going on. Stand up for your health. Don’t be afraid to ask the doctors and nurses questions. Do some research yourself using reliable sources. Know what side effects medication may have and when to get medical help. Know your health insurance plan well so you know what is available to you.
  • Prevent: Go in every year for an annual checkup. Health concerns can be found early. This can save you time and money, and keep you healthier.
  • Take Care of You: Make smart choices about how to care for yourself. Eat well and get plenty of exercise. Can’t afford a gym membership? There are many ways to exercise without a gym. Go for a walk or watch an online workout video.
  • Know Yourself: Don’t ignore symptoms. You can tell when something is off and you don’t feel right. It could be a signal that there is something more serious going on.
  • Protect: Make sure your personal information is safe. Don’t be afraid to protect yourself. If a bill looks wrong, ask about it. If you don’t like the advice you were given, ask for another opinion. Don’t rush into an important health decision.

For more information, visit: https://familydoctor.org/tips-for-talking-to-your-doctor/

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