Rural Resources

Farming is rewarding.  Farmers have hope during their farm year.  It may be from planting a crop and watching it grow through harvest. It may be from seeing a baby calf being born and watching it grow to market weight. Working as a family farming team is worthwhile to many farmers. You are teaching the next generation and carrying on traditions.

Farming can also be a stressful and demanding job. There are low product prices, the highs and lows of international trade, and recent damages from storms and floods. There’s also high costs of land, equipment, and other items needed to run farms.

Stress can be a good thing. It can help to create action.  However, too much stress can harm our health.  It can affect choices, safety, and relationships.  It causes people to feel angry, lonely, worried, or forget things.  It also can cause a lack of sleep, low self-esteem, overeating, or use of alcohol or drugs.

You may feel like you need help, but don’t know where to turn.  Nebraska has a lot of good places to find help:

  • The Rural Response Hotline (800) 464-0258. This service can help you find no-cost visits for mental health services.
  • Farm Mediation (402) 471-4876 is a service to help you with farm loans or other legal matters.
  • The Nebraska Resource and Referral System (NRRS) can be found at This is a website that was made with input from Nebraska families as well as service providers.  Here you can find phone and email contacts and websites. These will help you connect to a lot of different helpful resources.
  • Four Corners Health Department Resources for Mental Wellness We keep a list of resources and phone hotlines available statewide and nationally.  It is grouped by category to help with quick searches.
  • Four Corners Health Department has a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner on staff. She is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She is available for appointments in-person or via telehealth. Contact us to make an appointment.

If you need help finding services or resources contact Four Corners Health Department at (800) 337-3573 or (402) 362-2621, by email, or our website