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The APS Act established a program designed to meet the needs of vulnerable adults and to assure the availability of the program to all eligible persons. It places authority and responsibility for investigations and interventions in situations of abuse/neglect of vulnerable adults with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and local law enforcement agencies.

Adult Protective Services investigates reports of vulnerable adult abuse/neglect/exploitation, including self-neglect and intervenes when maltreatment is confirmed.
Adult Protective Services are provided with as little disruption to the client's life as possible. Whenever possible, clients are helped to live in the environment of their choice.

DHHS acknowledges that as long as adults can recognize the consequences of decisions they have made about their lives, the right to make those decisions must be respected, provided they are capable of making that choice.

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(800) 652-1999 24 hour toll-free hotline

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