Resources for Quitting Tobacco

Websites that can support you in quitting tobacco:


Are you thinking about quitting tobacco?  Come learn what’s available in Nebraska to help you quit.

You’ll also find out about two tobacco quitting programs:

  • Beat the Pack
  • Freedom From Smoking

It’s here.
It’s free.
It can help you quit using tobacco (chew & cigarettes).

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Tobacco Quitting Information Session: (1 session, 30 minutes to 1 hour)
This session is for those who want to learn what is available locally and statewide to help tobacco users quit. Different options are reviewed, including the state Quitline, American Cancer Society, medical provider support and medications, and classes (Beat the Pack, Freedom From Smoking, and other area options). Participants learn about an online Readiness Quiz they can use to guide their decision in picking a quit date.

Freedom From Smoking: (8 sessions, 2 hours each)
This program, from the American Lung Association, is offered in a group setting. It provides participants a step-by-step process to quit for good. During each session, activities and assignments will provide skills and techniques to support quitting. All of the exercises are intended to help a person gain control over his or her behavior, working through the quit process individually and in a group.

The first 3 sessions help participants prepare to quit.

Session 4 will be the Quit Day.

Sessions 5 to 8 are to help participants stay quit.

This program is more extensive and has a higher fee, but it is ranked as the most effective smoking cessation program. Often called the “Gold Standard” of tobacco quitting programs.

Beat the Pack: (4 sessions, 1 hour each)
This program is offered in a group setting. Participants will learn about the different options for quitting and encouraged to set a quit date before the class ends. The final sessions are intended to help participants stay quit.

All the above classes are provided by a trained facilitator from Four Corners Health Department. To learn more, call 402-362-2621 or toll free 877-337-3573. Email questions to