Four Corners Forever Smiles Program

Four Corners works with dental hygienists to bring our Forever Smiles dental health program to child care facilities, schools, and senior care facilities.  These services are meant to help slow down or stop dental decay.  It is not meant to take the place of regular checkups at your family dentist.

Services Offered
(these may change based on age of patient we are working with):

Screening:  Looking inside of the mouth to see if there are potential problems with teeth and/or gums.  For adults, we will also do a brief oral cancer screening.

Fluoride Treatment:  Fluoride is painted on the teeth to prevent decay.  

Sealants:  Sealants are only used if needed.  They are coatings that are placed on the back teeth to prevent decay.  They seal out food and bacteria from the grooves in your teeth.  If sealants have chipped or worn away, we can touch them up as well.

Dental Education:  Students at each site get a bag with a toothbrush, tooth paste, floss, and dental health tips.  Younger students will also receive a timer and tooth brushing calendar.

Dental Health Starter Kits:  For children ages 0-5, we can offer dental health starter kits.  These kits include toothbrushes for stages of growth up to age 5 as well as tips about how to use them.

Referrals:  If you are in need of help finding a dental home, or finding affordable dental care, please contact Four Corners.  Our Community Health Workers and Public Health Nurses are here to help!

Note:  For students, parents will be given information about our program, prior to our visit to the school.  At senior care sites, the patients receive the information.  Services are only given based on approval from parents of students, or patients in senior care.

Educational Brochures:

If you are interested in having dental screenings at your childcare, school, or senior facility, please contact Four Corners today!