Check here for the latest information for the Corona Virus (COVID-19).

Quarantine & Isolation

Sanitizing / Cleaning Information:


  • CDC Updates:
    • Travel Requirements have changed.  As of May 12, 2023, noncitizen nonimmigrant air passengers no longer need to show proof of being fully vaccinated with an accepted COVID-19 vaccine to board a flight to the United States.
    • Consider getting a COVID-19 test if you:
      • Develop COVID-19 symptoms before, during, or after travel.
      • Will be traveling to visit someone who is at higher risk of getting very sick from COVID-19.
      • Were in a situation with greater risk of exposure during travel (e.g., in an indoor, crowded space like an airport terminal while not wearing a mask).
      • If you traveled and feel sick, particularly if you have a fever, talk to a healthcare professional, and tell them about your recent travel.

COVID-19 Testing Information

    • Local Clinics and Urgent Cares are still offering testing.  Contact your provider to find out their current COVID-19 testing procedures.
    • Local pharmacies including CVS, HyVee and Walgreens and others also offer testing.
  • At Home Testing
  • How to use an at-home test. 
    • At Home Test Kits Are Available in Your County!  Four Corners Health Department has received a number of take home COVID tests to be available throughout the District. The test kits are free to the public and come with a free option to receive a documented lab result if desired.  If a documented lab result is needed, before opening the test kit, a person can go online to There a Certified eMed Guide will watch and help you take the test. If this is done, the test will be considered verified and can be used for official purposes. If the person chooses not to use the virtual option, the test results are for personal use only.  People can receive up to 6 test kits at one time.  
      • Test Kits can be found:
      • Other Places At-Home Test Kits are Available:
        • Milford Family Medical Center
        • Seward Memorial Hospital
        • Seward Family Pharmacy
        • Seward Family Medical Center
        • Utica Family Medical Center
    • Use Your Medicaid, CHIP, or Private Health Insurance Coverage.  You may obtain up to 8 test kits per month for each individual on your plan, regardless of whether the tests are purchased all at once or at separate times throughout the month.  Contact your insurance provider to know whether the kits will be billed directly through your insurance, or if you need to purchase them and submit receipts for reimbursement.  You will not need a note or prescription for your provider.
    • Please note:  At-Home test kits are not reported through the state.  If your results are positive, you will want to contact Four Corners or your medical provider for more information.