Living Well

A Living Well workshop is starting in York! An information session will be on Thursday, June 15th at 12:30 p.m. The workshop then runs for 6 weeks, meeting once a week for around 2-2 ½ hours at a time. Classes will start Thursday, June 22nd at 1 p.m. Four Corners Health Department will be hosting the classes.

Living well is a self-management workshop led by trained leaders that help you take control of your health by using small steps toward positive changes and healthier living. The workshop uses a Chronic Disease Self-Management Program from Stanford University.

Living well workshops are fun and interactive, not just lectures. Leaders and participants share their experiences and provide support to each other!

You will benefit from Living Well if you have or are caring for someone with a chronic condition such as: arthritis, high blood pressures, heart disease, asthma, migraines, cancer, diabetes, depression, Parkinson’s, obesity, fibromyalgia, anxiety, narcolepsy, and other chronic conditions.

Living Well participants will build confidence, knowledge, and skills to better manage daily health. Each session gives you the tools that you need to take control of your ongoing health conditions.

Session topics covered include:

  • Medication Management
  • Action Planning
  • Communicating Health Issues
  • Healthy Eating
  • Physical Activity
  • Problem Solving

People who attend the workshops have shown:

  • More energy and less fatigue
  • Improved overall health
  • Healthcare cost savings
  • Slower progression of chronic conditions
  • Fewer visits to the Emergency Room
  • Improved opinion of personal health
  • Better confidence and ability to manage day-to-day life
  • Improved communication with healthcare providers
  • Better pain management
  • Increased physical activity
  • Improved relationships with family and friends

For more information or to register for the workshop, please contact Four Corners at 402-362-2621 or 877-337-3573 or email us at