Healthy Holiday Tips

It’s that time of the year again. Many of us get sucked into the hustle and bustle of the season forgetting what it’s really about. It’s important to take care of yourself in the midst of trying to get everything done. Here are some tips to make your holiday healthy!

  • Make a to-do list: Put simple things on your list so you don’t forget to do them. When they’re done it’s rewarding to cross them off! Plan ahead. Wrap presents as you buy them so you don’t have to do it all at the same time. Avoid procrastination.
  • Keep a schedule: Try to eat, go to bed, and wake up at the same times. Keeping a regular routine as much as possible will make going back to work and school much easier when the holidays are over.
  • Keep clean: Wash your hands often. Wipe down commonly touched surfaces. Sickness is easily spread, especially this time of year with many indoor gatherings.
  • Decorate carefully: Avoid fire risks. Remove anything flammable from the area surrounding a candle or fireplace. Check your light cords to make sure they aren’t frayed or broken. If young children will be present, remove any dangerous decorations. When using a ladder, be sure it is on flat ground and sturdy before climbing.
  • Check the weather: Travel when the weather is appropriate. If there is a possibility of bad weather, plan to leave earlier or later. Communicate with those traveling to and from your home to be sure everyone is safe. Always have an emergency kit in your car.
  • Remember your nutritional needs: Skipping a meal to save time or calories will often backfire and lead to overeating. When planning to host a meal or contribute to one, provide a dish that you enjoy and also fits your nutritional needs. There are many fun ways to substitute ingredients to change the nutritional value. Choose your drinks wisely and be sure to stay hydrated. When chatting, don’t stand next to the food table. This will prevent mindless eating. Eat until satisfied, not stuffed. There’s always leftovers.
  • Stay active: Find fun ways to get in physical activity. Go on a candy cane scavenger hunt, play a family sports game, ask a friend to join you on a walk, or have a dance party. These are just a few of many options!
  • Practice gratitude: Remember why it is you’re doing all the extra work during the holidays. Be grateful for even the littlest of things. Thank those who give gifts and who are there to celebrate with you.
  • Make time for you: You won’t be able enjoy the fun celebrations if you don’t feel well yourself mentally or physically. Make an effort to get enough sleep, eat right, drink water, and take a break every now and then. Don’t push yourself to do more than you have time or energy for. Make sure you’re doing things you enjoy as well.
  • Ask for help: Make a list of ways others can be helpful if they ask. When they do ask, give them some ideas. It may not get done exactly how you would do it, but sometimes that’s okay.
  • Say no: It is okay to say no if there’s an event you don’t really want to go to, treat you don’t want to eat, or carol you don’t want to sing. Going out of your comfort zone is not always a bad thing, but it is if it makes the holidays unenjoyable.
  • Practice good boundaries: If an uncomfortable topic comes up or an unwanted house guest arrives, it’s okay to stand up for yourself. Have realistic expectations of yourself and others.
  • Share grace (for yourself and others): Did you eat more cookies than you meant to? It’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up. You can go for a walk or play an active game with the kids to work off the extra calories. Do you have a family member that gets on your nerves or someone snapped at you over a simple thing? Perhaps they’re a little stressed and struggling right now.

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