Healthy and Safe Swimming Week 2022

May 23-29, 2022 marks the 18th annual Healthy and Safe Swimming Week. During this week, we encourage everyone to take steps to prevent germs from spreading in the water. We want to increase the health benefits of water activities, while lessening the risk of illness and injury. Each of us can play a role in preventing illnesses and injuries when we swim, play, and relax in the water—this summer and year-round.

What can we do? Take these steps every time you enjoy the water to keep yourself and others safe.


  • Don’t swallow the water.
  • Don’t poop or pee in the water.
  • Don’t sit or stand on the jets at splash pads. Sitting or standing on jets can rinse germs off the body.


  • Do stay out of the water if you have diarrhea.
  • Do shower before getting in the water.
  • Do take kids to the bathroom & check diapers hourly.
  • Do change diapers away from the water.
  • Do dry ears with a towel when getting out.

Stay safe in and around the water:

  • Make sure everyone has basic swimming and water safety skills.
  • Use U.S. Coast Guard–approved life jackets as directed.
  • Have a responsible adult to closely and constantly supervise swimmers.
  • Know how to recognize a swimmer in distress and how to perform CPR.

Keep backyard pools safe:

  • Prevent access to water when pool is not in use.
  • Install and maintain barriers that fully enclose the pool.

Avoid harmful water—when in doubt, stay out!

  • Look for posted signs or other advisories. If the beach is closed or there are signs to avoid the water, stay out!
  • Do not go in water that:
    • Smells bad
    • Looks discolored
    • Has foam, scum, or paint-like streaks on the surface
    • Has dead fish or other animals washed up on its shore or beach
  • Keep children and pets from playing in or drinking scummy water.

When swimming in freshwater, try to prevent water from going up your nose.

You can reduce your chance of getting an infection by avoiding freshwater going up your nose:

  • Hold your nose or use nose clips when taking part in freshwater activities.
  • Avoid putting your head underwater in warm freshwater.

To learn more on this topic, go to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at:

For more information, please call Four Corners Health Department at toll-free at 1-877-337-3573 or 402-362-2621. You can also email