Healthy Aging

As we age, our physical, dietary, mental, and social needs change.  That doesn’t mean you are losing control.  Take charge of your well-being by taking steps to embrace your age in a healthy way.

Get Moving

  • Do regular stretching and flexibility exercises. To be a safe driver, you want to be able to reach over your shoulder to put on your seatbelt.  Be able to turn your head from side to side and look over your shoulder to check for blind spots while driving.  Be able to sit up straight enough to see over the steering wheel and see all your mirrors.
  • Stepping On is a 7-week program for people living at home and have had a fall or are afraid of falling.  This is an evidence-based program that reduces falls by more than 30%.  The program uses strategies to create positive lifestyle changes to keep you independent, upright, and active. A Stepping On class is scheduled to begin on October 3rd at the Seward County Extension Office. There is a $20 registration fee. Contact Four Corners with questions or to register.

Stay Social

  • Meet with family or friends during daylight hours.  Most crashes happen between 3pm and 6pm.  Think about sunrise and sunset, and how the glare may impact your trip.
  • One way to stay social while taking care of your health is to attend a Living Well This is a 6-week workshop that teaches you tips and tools to help you live a healthier life.  Check with Four Corners to find out when the next workshop will be held.  We have a lot of fun in this workshop!

Take Care of Your Body and Mind

  • Know the time of day that you are most often tired.  If you enjoy a nap in the afternoon, make your appointments in the morning.  Be home before the time you get sleepy.

Be Proactive and Have a Plan

  • Make sure to get your eyes checked each year.  Think about prescription sunglasses while driving.  Have regular checkups, physicals, and tests when needed.  Make sure you see your dentist too!
  • Talk with your doctor or pharmacist about the medicines you are taking.  Ask if they cause any impairments, whether you are taking them for a short time, or long-term.
  • Use My Mobility Plan from the Centers for Disease Control to make a plan for when you can no longer drive
  • Use this guide to see where you are right now and what you can do when you notice changes.
  • September is National Preparedness Month. Older adults can be impacted in different ways when dealing with an emergency or natural disaster. Those with chronic illnesses, disabilities, or other limitations can be more at-risk. Preparing for an emergency can be both costly and overwhelming. There are lots of simple, low cost ways to help. Think about your unique needs and those of your household. Keep a disaster kit on-hand and make an emergency plan. For more information, visit

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