What is Food Poisoning?

Foodborne illness, also known as food poisoning, is caused by consuming contaminated food, beverages, or water that contain bacteria, parasites, viruses and/or toxins. Many of these pathogens may also be acquired through person-to-person spread, animal contact, the environment, and recreational or drinking water.


            • Upset Stomach
            • Stomach Cramps
            • Nausea
            • Vomiting
            • Diarrhea
            • Fever

How to Prevent Food Poisoning:

  1. Clean:  Wash hands, food-prep surfaces, fruits & vegetables.
  2. Separate:  Don’t cross contaminate foods
  3. Heat:  Cook foods to the right temperature
  4. Cool:  Refrigerate foods promptly.
  5. Discard expired food.
  6. Drink water that has been Purified.

If you think you have a foodborne illness, and you live or consumed food in the Four Corners district (Butler, Polk, Seward, or York Counties), please click on the following link to report it.


Click here to report a suspect foodborne illness.