National Handwashing Awareness Week is December 3-9. This time of year, it seems like there are so many people that we know who are sick.  They may be sneezing, coughing, and blowing their nose.  Guess where all those germs end up most of the time?  In their hands.  Germy handsContinue Reading

It is that time of year again! Many of us forget what the holiday season is really about as we get sucked into the hustle and bustle. It is always important to take care of yourself in the midst of trying to get each thing done. Here are some tipsContinue Reading

No matter how long or how much a person has used tobacco, quitting will help them get healthier. Each year, the third Thursday of November is the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout. This day is meant to support people to quit using tobacco and start the journey toward aContinue Reading

November is National Diabetes Month. A theme for this year is “Take charge of tomorrow: preventing diabetes health problems”. Diabetes is a long lasting disease. It affects how your body turns food into energy. When you have diabetes, the body either doesn’t make enough insulin or doesn’t use it theContinue Reading

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  This is a time to notice the victims, survivors, family members, and loved ones of those affected by domestic violence.  Domestic violence touches all communities and can affect any one person. On average: Nearly 24 people are victims of physical abuse by an intimateContinue Reading

October 22 – 28 is National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week. This year’s theme is “Together, we can prevent lead exposure!” Get the Facts: Lead exposure is bad for everyone. However, it is especially an issue in children who are more vulnerable. There is no safe blood lead level. There areContinue Reading

Nationwide, the month of October has two awareness topics. One is focused on depression and the other on mental illness. Four Corners is offering education events that support your mental and physical well-being. Mental health stigma gets in the way of people accepting the help and treatment they need. ItContinue Reading

October is Health Literacy Month. People need and want to understand information. When it comes to their health, it’s even more important. That’s what health literacy is all about! How can we make health easy to understand for as many people as possible? It applies to when we speak, write,Continue Reading

October is National Protect Your Hearing Month! There’s no better time to learn how to protect yourself and those around you from noise-induced hearing loss! One of the factors in keeping healthy hearing is being aware of the degree and amount of loud sound exposure. Damage can be caused byContinue Reading