Environmental Issues in our Air and Water


Four Corners has water testing kits available.  Please contact us for instructions on how to find one.  We do not test water onsite.


To check the current air quality index, click here.


Contact Four Corners to find a radon kit near you.  They are available for residents in Butler, Polk, Seward, or York counties.  Radon test kits are available year-round.  However, it is best to test your home when you don’t have windows / doors open (such as when your heat or air conditioning is running).

What is radon?  Radon is a colorless, tasteless, odorless gas.  It is found in the uranium in the soil that decays to radium, then to radon.

Where does radon come from?  Radon comes from the soil, rocks, and minerals.  It rises through the soil and air.

What does radon do to me?

  • Increases risk of lung cancer.
  • Gets trapped in your lungs and causes tissue damage.
  • Linked to 15,000 to 20,000 lung cancer deaths a year; second only to smoking.

Who is at risk?

  • Everyone
  • Smokers have a 15 times greater chance of developing lung cancer.
  • Children, because their lungs are still developing and are sensitive.

Where can I get a Radon Test Kit?

  • Four Corners Health Department
  • Polk County Health Department
  • Seward UNL Extension Office
  • Butler County Health Care Center

How do I test for radon? First, pick up a test kit.  Follow the directions on the test kit.  Mail kit to the testing lab as directed (with no additional postage or lab fees).

Where should I place the test kit?  Test in the lowest level of your house that you live in.  Keep windows and doors closed for a 12 hours prior to and for the duration of the testing.

How long does a test take?  A short-term test takes only 3 to 7 days to complete.  Send your completed test to the lab as soon as possible.  We usually recommend beginning your test on a day that allows you to finish and mail your test kit to the lab on Monday.

How long does it take for me to receive my test results?  You should receive results within a week from mailing the test kit.  During peak season, it may take up to 2 weeks to get results.  You can check your results here, or contact Four Corners for help obtaining your results.

What should I do if there is radon in my home?  If your short term results are higher than 4pCi/L, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (NEDHHS) recommends retesting.  If your second test is above 4pCi/L, contact Four Corners Health Department for mitigation guidance or NEDHHS radon website.