1.  What are the hours of operation of the Four Corners Health Department?

  • Answer:  The Four Corners Health Department is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

2.  What is the Four Corners Health Department?  What do they do?

  • Answer:  The Four Corners Health Department offers services and programs that focus on promotion of health, prevention of disease and serve the health needs of the people in our communities as a whole.  Public health activities change with needs, technology and social values but the goals are always the same: to lessen the amount of disease, premature death, and disease-produced discomfort and disability in the population.  As you look through this website, you will see many of the current programs and activities of the Four Corners Health Department.

3.  Who would I contact in the event of a public health emergency at night or on the weekends?

  • Answer:  In the event of an emergency, the Executive Director or Emergency Response Coordinator can be accessed through the office phone menu during off-hours.  The phone number is 402-362-2621 locally or 877-337-3573 toll free.  Follow the automated instructions to directly reach these individuals (press 4).

4.  How do I make a complaint regarding a health or safety issue in my community?

  • Answer:  Call the Four Corners Health Department to express the health or safety concern.  The health department will either look into the matter or relay the concern to the appropriate department or agency to see that it is resolved.

5.  How do I dispose of my mercury thermometers?

  • Answer:  If you want to dispose of any mercury thermometers, Four Corners Health Department will take them and dispose of them appropriately.  Mercury is a hazardous substance that is harmful to our health when in the soil or water.