Mission Statement

To provide leadership and guidance to support the Four Corners Health Department in carrying out the mission to promote health, prevent disease and protect the environment, improving the health of the Four Corners community.

Roger Reamer,
Board President
Seward, NE

Dr. Jillian Fickenscher,
Board Vice President
Board Physician
York, NE

Don Naiberk,
Board Treasurer
David City, NE

Darla Winslow,
Board Secretary
Osceola, NE

Jack Sikes,
York County Commissioner

York, NE

Misty Ahmic, 
Seward County Commissioner
Milford, NE

Ron Boruch
Polk County Commissioner
Osceola, NE

Anthony Whitmore,
Butler County Supervisor
David City, NE

Margaret Brink,
York, NE

Dr. Elizabeth Papineau,
Board Dentist
York, NE

Board of Health Press Release

Board of Health Press Release 2/10/2022

Board of Health Position Statements

The goal of the position statements is to engage dialogue, educate the public and stakeholders, and support policies and regulations to improve the health of Butler, Polk, Seward, and York County residents.

Board of Health Agendas