988 New Nationwide Crisis Line

In 2020, the U.S. had one death by suicide every 11 minutes. For people ages 10-34, suicide is a leading cause of death. There are people who are impacted every day.

Too many have crises without the support and care they need. Sadly, the pandemic has only made a bad situation only worse when it comes to mental health and wellness in America. Yet, in the face of these urgent realities, there is hope.

Nation-wide, a new 3 digit crisis line – 988 makes it easier for people get help. People can call or text 988 for help. Calling this line also works for when you are worried about a loved one who may need support. A chat option is available at 988lifeline.org. No matter where you live in the United States, you can reach a trained crisis counselor who can help.

  • 988 is private, free, and available 24/7.
  • Trained counselors connect with those experiencing:
    • Thoughts of suicide
    • Mental health crises
    • Substance use crises
    • Any other kind of emotional distress
  • You can use any land line, cell phone, or voice-over internet device in the United States.
  • Call services are available in Spanish, and in over 150 other languages.
  • The previous 1-800-273-8255 number still works.

It does work. Lifeline studies have shown that after speaking with a trained crisis counselor, most callers feel less depressed, less suicidal, less overwhelmed, and more hopeful. 988 is more than just an easy to remember number—it is a direct connection to compassionate, accessible care and support for anyone experiencing mental health related distress.

Visit Four Corners website at https://fourcorners.ne.gov/resources-for-mental-wellness/ to learn about more resources to support your mental health.

For questions or to learn more, call Four Corners at 402-362-2621 or 877-337-3573 or email us at info@fourcorners.ne.gov