Building Resilient Youth and Families

We all have “bad” days. Then sometimes, we have a bad month…a bad year…. What helps a person or child recover from a challenge or trauma, and even have positive growth through it? The challenges we face in life don’t have to decide the outcome of our life. Being resilient helps a person or child get through the challenges. It can even help to strengthen us.

The good news is that anyone can learn and develop resilience. When we think of the children in our lives, there are things we can do as parents that foster it. Just as, there things we can do to build our own resilience.

To benefit schools, families, worksites, and others, Four Corners is hosting a workshop focused on building resilience.  Join with others on Friday, March 22nd for “Building Resilience to Strengthen Youth and Family”. The speakers and a description of their talk include:

Carrie L. Gottschalk, LIMHP, CPC:  Building Individual Resilience
This session addresses how we are impacted by events and relationships around us. Plus, the interplay of our own thoughts and responses. Participants will learn practical and applicable skills and strategies for easing the stress-response system and increasing personal resilience.

Stacy Waldron, PhD, LP: Building Youth Resilience in our Communities
This talk will review the development of young people, as well as focus on what is needed to build youth resilience. By recognizing where and when problems exist, families, schools, and communities can provide the structure to strengthen youth ability to cope with the difficulties they face.

Kaitlyn Young, PhD: Evidence-Based Practices for Building Resilient Families
Learn ways to buffer the impact that acute and chronic stressors have on a child’s development. Schools and community agencies can support families by building protective factors, such as resilience. This talk will focus on (a) how stressors impact child development, (b) components of a resilient family, (c) how resilient families can buffer impact of stressors on development, and (d) how schools and other community organizations can promote resilient families.

Four Corners welcomes anyone to attend that wants to support healthy youth and families. Come get free resources and practical information. To register, go to Four Corners website or visit:

$15 registration fee covers food and materials. The workshop is hosted at Memorial Health Care Systems in Seward.

For questions or to learn more, call Four Corners at 402-362-2621 or 877-337-3573 or email us at   Visit the Four Corners website at . Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Subscribe to our YouTube channel @fc_healthdept!