12.7.2021 Four Corners Health Department COVID-19 Update

December 7, 2021—Four Corners Health Department COVID-19 Update

The past 7 days (November 30 to December 6) has seen 189 new positive (lab-tested) COVID-19 cases in the Four Corners District.  The 7-day case total for each county is as follows:

  • Butler County—18  (7 day case rate/100,000 population = 223)
  • Polk County—23   (7 day case rate/100,000 population = 436)
  • Seward County—83   (7 day case rate/100,000 population = 479)
  • York County—65   (7 day case rate/100,000 population = 472)

There are 3 additional COVID-19 related deaths in November 2021 determined to be COVID-19 related:

  • A Butler County woman in her 80’s
  • A Seward County man in his 70’s
  • A Seward County man in his 60’s.

This brings the current total number of COVID-19 related deaths to 94 for the Four Corners District.  Seward County has had 40 total COVID-19 related deaths, Polk County 22, York County is at 19, and Butler at 13.

Four Corners Health Department holds walk-in vaccine clinics every week, offering Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.  Boosters, first and second vaccine doses are available every Tuesday and Friday at the Four Corners Health Department:

  • At 2101 N. Lincoln Ave in York
  • From 12-4PM
  • There is NO CHARGE for the vaccine.

For the District, clinic times and locations, and how to get a vaccine, are listed at https://fourcorners.ne.gov/programs-services-2/coronavirus-covid-19-information/covid-19-vaccine-information/.

You can also get a free COVID-19 test at the Four Corners Health Department on Mondays and Thursdays, 11 am to 1 pm in the West Parking Lot.  A signup and more information for a free test can be found on the Four Corners website.

For any questions, please contact Four Corners at 402-362-2621 or visit the website at www.fourcorners.ne.gov.