10.16.2020 Four Corners COVID-19 Update

October 16, 2020

Four Corners Health Department COVID-19 Updates:  Latest Cases, Data, and Directed Health Measures

There have been 90 new cases of COVID-19 reported in the Four Corners District in the past 2 days (October 15-16):

  • York County had 34 new cases for a total of 363.
  • Butler County added 25 new cases for 211 total cases.
  • Seward County had 24 new cases for a total of 389.
  • Polk County had 7 new cases for 170 cases total.

Over the past 2 weeks (14 days), the totals for each county are as follows (these recent cases represent most of our active cases):

  • Butler County—63
  • Polk County—96
  • Seward County—99
  • York County–161

The total cumulative number of COVID-19 cases in the Four Corners District is 1,133.  There have been 419 new cases in the past 14 days; 256 of those occurred in the past 7 days.

In the past 7 days, the age breakdown of the cases is:

AGE                 #Cases             %

0-12                 7                      3

Teens               36                    14

20s                   38                    15

30s                   28                    11

40s                   35                    14

50s                   44                    17

60s                   23                    9

70s                   16                    6

80s                   21                    8

90s                   7                      3

100+                1                      <1

TOTAL             256                  100

In the past week, Four Corners has had 2 new COVID-19 related deaths:

  • A Polk County man in his 80’s, who had been hospitalized; and
  • A Polk County woman in her 70’s, who had also been in medical care.

New Directed Health Measures (DHM’s) for the Four Corners District will be in effect starting Wednesday, October 21, 2020, and is posted on the Four Corners website at https://fourcorners.ne.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/FCHD-DHM-October.pdf.  A brief summary of changes in the new DHM’s:

  • Hospitals must maintain at least 10% of their staffed general and staffed ICU beds as reserve capacity to treat COVID-19 patients
  • Patrons of bars and restaurants will be required to be seated unless they are placing an order, using the restroom or playing games.  There will also be a maximum of 8 people in a party/at a table.
  • Indoor gatherings will be limited to 50% of rated occupancy.
  • For wedding and funeral receptions, there will be a maximum of 8 individuals in a party, and groups larger than 8 will need to split into multiple tables.

Four Corners reminds everyone to Avoid the 3 C’s:  Crowded Places, Close Contact and Confined Spaces.  Remember to wash your hands often and wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth.